Welcome to the Enchanted Village, please read through and ensure you understood and adhere to the terms and conditions of using the Enchanted Little Village (Enchanted Nanny Ltd)

  • Parents are fully responsible for their children at ALL times when inside the enchanted village space.
  • Enchanted Little Village (Enchanted Nanny Ltd) will take no responsibility for any accident occurring within the space.
  • Enchanted Little Village (Enchanted Nanny Ltd) accepts no responsibility for loss or damage of any personal possessions in the space or within Bobby’s of Bournemouth.
  • Ages for each area have been specified. Enchanted Little Village (Enchanted Nanny Ltd) will not be held responsible if an accident occurs as a result of these guidelines are ignored.
  • Children visiting the space must be supivised by their parent or caregiver at all times.
  • Hot drinks to have lids and only consumed at table or in sofa area.
  • All food and drink to be consumed up to table.
  • Shoes are to be removed before entering the space.
  • Please keep children from climbing on larger toys/storage/shelves
  • Our home is your home, please treat it with respect and guide your little ones to do the same.

While in the space we hold six values constantly
  1. We are kind and gentle
  2. We listen
  3. We stay safe
  4. We look after property
  5. We try our best
  6. We tell the truth