Halloween scavenger hunt

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With so many of you getting ready to go on the most amazing pumpkin trails this year we thought it would be lovely for you to have your very own, beautifully illustrated scavenger hunt so that you can take off all of the spooky delights that she see while you are on your Halloween adventure!

8 reviews for Halloween scavenger hunt

  1. Susan crosby

    really good for kids

  2. Amy


  3. Robyn


  4. Francine

    Fantastic idea

  5. Sarah holbert

    What a fab idea I’m a nanny who is more into Halloween this year than I’ve ever been just wanting to make the children in my area something to look forward to.

  6. Charlotte Di Battista

    Brilliant!!! My boys will be so excited

  7. Denise Lang


  8. Hugo Dobson

    Great fun

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