The Happy Bug Co

The Happy Bug Co

Hey! I’m Jess, the creator of The Happy Bug Co. A one woman business dedicated to spreading as many smiles as possible.

As an anxiety sufferer myself with an infinite well of creativity, it was important to me to create something helpful, colourful and FUN.

The Happy Bug Co. was built through a love of creating and an even bigger love of helping people. Having seen and felt first hand the difference these little worry stones can make, I knew this was an idea I had to run with!

Happy bugs can help to ease your worries and keep you grounded in anxious moments. Their tactile and smooth surface is perfect for rubbing your thumb over or holding in your palm to help keep you in the present moment and the perfect size for keeping in your pocket!

Every happy bug is one of a kind – Some happy bugs are bigger than others, some are small and cute, some are round and some are star shaped – that’s the magic, your Happy Bug is unlike ANYONE else in the whole world!
Each Bug is made individually by hand and decorated in a way which each little face inspires me to.

Happy bugs make the perfect pick me up gift for a friend you miss or as a gentle reminder of your love and support. They are made with so much love and magic!

A worry stone, only BRIGHTER! Beautifully presented & gift boxed with your choice of poem card.