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The Parent & Baby Coach

The Parent and Baby Coach was born out of my genuine love of being around babies and toddlers and I have not looked back since. When I moved to London in 2010 to complete my Masters degree in Business Psychology, I was faced with the decision of either starting a graduate role in a company in the city, or, using my previous childcare experience combined with my coaching and psychology background, to create a role that really encompassed everything that I was about.

I decided to brave it alone, and in 2011 I started a small baby sleep business, alongside regular baby massage classes, whilst continuing to provide overnight care as a night nanny for small babies. What was then “Tiny Tiptoes” soon then evolved and after only a year, I become The Parent and Baby Coach, and started to combine my coaching practice with sleep support to bring parents high quality baby sleep consultancy in and around London.

Fast forward nearly a decade and I have helped over 3,000 families to date with sleep, feeding and behaviour. The Parent and Baby Coach now reaches parents as far afield as Zambia and the USA! I still work one to one with many parents, often over the phone or by visiting their homes, and I also have my online parenting courses which are giving parents the support and advice they need on key parenting areas such as sleep, feeding, and toddler behaviour, without even needing to leave their homes.