Story time...

Once upon a time….

Danielle has had the honour of working with children as a childcare practitioner for over 16 years. A fully qualified teacher, specialising heavily in the early years and early reading and communication, Danielle has a huge passion for the magic of developing, young minds and supporting families in the role they play in this.

As a mother to three girls, 3, 7 and 11, Danielle has experienced first hand the importance of a strong support network when raising a family, it really does take a village and as an experienced practitioner she feels that it is her duty of care to provide support, information, ideas and resources to families all over the world.

Before lockdown, Danielle was running a successful wedding childcare company known as The Wedding Crecherz and making weekly appearances at venues and events up and down the UK to run story and song times for families everywhere.

As lockdown approached, those very families begged Danielle to continue, in a virtual capacity – ensuring that they still felt connected and enjoyed the support of Danielle and her team.

These story times were run virtually over instagram daily. This quickly led to Danielle running 2-3 LIVE learning sessions each day via instagram, Youtube and Facebook 7 days a week for 4 months.

Danielle knew that the schools would be closed for a while and so decided to teach phonics, maths, science, art and craft, stories, singing and cookery.

The Enchanted Nanny was born and quickly became a staple part of children’s lives – supporting them in their education and providing parents with much needed time out while their children engaged in learning, communication and fun!

The Enchanted Nanny has continued to grow, always finding new ways to support families with exactly the support they need, exactly when they need it. Your very own modern day Mary Poppins, and now with a dedicated team of other enchanted individuals supporting this incredible cause, the Enchanted nanny is now able to offer events (both live and virtual) a vast wealth of beautiful printable learning resources and so much more!

See and join in our adventures below.

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